Are you dreaming of a perfect location between town and country?
Of a decidedly contemporary home which blends into
nature and focuses on ecology ?

Are you dreaming of living in a welcoming community where relations between neighbours are both harmonious and friendly ?

Are you dreaming of a safe car-free living environment where your children will be able to grow without fear of danger over the years ?

Are you dreaming of a home with excellent public transport connections between the city-centre and surrounding leisure opportunities ?

The Parc des Crêts is an ideal project with the promise of an unmatched living environment, for everyone in Troinex and only a few miles from Geneva city-centre.

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Realizing the importance of the unique opportunity to create a real estate development project in the Canton of Geneva, we came together
to lead its implementation.


After several stages, in June 2018 we submitted a building permit request for the Parc des Crêts project as described here. This project blends in with respect and harmony into the natural environment while also answering to the priority requirement of people for modern and energy efficient (THPE) housing.


The quality of living for the residents of Parc des Crêts has always been our priority as we developed the project. The facilities had to answer to the requirements of all ages, all leisure pursuits and preferences. So, we decided, early on in the project, that motor traffic would be exclusively underground so as to give freedom and ensure safety to the movements and the activities of residents above. This approach has allowed us to create an authentic park of over 8 hectares and to develop a variety
of outdoor facilities.


With biodiversity as the centerpiece of our approach, the project includes a variety of environmental objectives. This commitment is fully supported by our team as we look forward to maintaining the green belt between the Drize and Nant des Marais streams bordering the Parc des Crêts.


With respect to energy, we have adopted the TPHE (very high energy performance) standard which leads to buildings with low energy requirements. Our choice of wood as a renewable energy for heating and for electricity from photovoltaic cells on rooftops, followed quite logically from this.


The quality of community life has also been uppermost in our minds. In addition to shared outdoor areas, residents will have a digital application enabling them to communicate with each other and to take part in community activities.

We are proud to be able to present this first-class project to you today. We trust that it will inspire you and make you want to live
in the Parc des Crêts.


- Magid Khoury for Capvest Advisors SA & Marc Gilliéron for Niton SA -

A word of
The architect

This project is the result of a close collaboration between architects, urban planners and landscapers, so that each accommodation fits with the global harmony and coherent sustainability of the site.
The architectural identity of the Parc des Crêts was inspired by its privileged location between the Nant des Marais and the Drize,
its view onto the Salève and the Jura, and the environment
surrounding the villa area that it opens onto. The fact
that this new neighborhood is located in a park
emphasizes its strong link with its environment
whilst maintaining the quality of life
of the Troinex village.


The apartments are embedded in the center of the park and grouped into low-rise clusters, that surround landscaped patios which function as open sky hallways. These protected spaces provide each cluster with its own identity, its own thematic gardens. They are adorned with exterior passageways leading to your own door and provide
a sense of exclusivity.

The shape of the building confers a certain space hierarchy and a sequence of different landscapes, encouraging interaction and positively impacting the quality of life. The island and the park are intimately intertwined and connected together, flowing
one into the other.


After crossing the threshold, the numerous windows and multiple orientations carry the light into the dwellings. Outdoor extensions such as large balconies and attic terraces provide unobstructed views of the park’s luxurious environment and of the great landscape,
thus reinforcing the dialogue between the cluster and
its immediate environment.

-Cerutti Architectes SA-

In the words of

the landscape gardener

The Parc des Crêts occupies a unique area and its architectural plan is both open and unobtrusive. This provides us with the opportunity to create a unique connection with the wider natural environment and to create green links between the two streams of Troinex. This green belt will act as biological corridors
 linking these natural areas.

It is an inhabited park in which people live together with a dense and wide variety of wild and cultivated plants. The project calls for a broad mosaic of different interconnected biological areas. In accordance with the WWF biodiversity standard and with the support of strict environmental vetting, the park has been pictured as giving priority to the quality of community living. This unique environmental and landscaping
approach is a first for Geneva.

The community areas are both open and bright in contrast to the atmosphere in the clusters, imagined as a wooded undergrowth. Watering will be from above ground.

This provides strength to the soil and increases the chances of both flowers
and animals to prosper.

The equipment and urban furniture will encourage meetings, socializing and in general the mixing of generations. Games, sports and gardening are all fertile
ground for community life. 

The forecourt is the interface between nature and city. Its concept draws inspiration from the juxtaposition between rock and greenery to be seen on the face of the nearby Salève mountain. The geological richness of the region has been included into the project to favour dialogue: the characteristic fault lines of that mountain and the Genevois region have been architecturally translated to encourage the permeability
of the soil and the growth of flowers and trees..

Half-way between habitat and biodiversity refuge, the Parc des Crêts will be a peaceful and harmonious contribution to the marriage between
man and nature.


- Boccard & Ecotec -

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