The advantages
of buying off-plan

Purchasing a new building has many advantages in terms of comfort, energy savings, reduced fixed costs and much more.

1. The space is personalized and customized to your requirements

Conceived to suit a modern lifestyle, the space is in line with current standards and needs, functional and well equipped, it matches your lifestyle.

In addition, you take part in the choice of finish: kitchen, bathroom and flooring – a made-to-measure interior.

This superior quality of life is also to be found in the common areas. These are far more comfortable than in the past: large modern elevators, video intercom, automatic gate, covered parking or underground…

2. Controlled and limited costs

Your energy bill will be lighter because most modern homes are built to technical and ecological standards with optimal thermal and phonic insulation. 

The installations are under guarantee for the first few years and their renovation is not due for another 20 years.

3. Greater long-term savings

Real estate remains a safe investment: its value tends to increase over the longer term. A new apartment which does not require any renovation and with optimal energy performance will have a good resale level
and therefore added value.

In another way it is also an excellent manner of creating a safe inheritance for your family, because it can later be transferred
to your children.

4. Adherence to modern technical and environmental standards

New buildings are constructed according to current regulations and adhere to the most recent technical and environmental standards. Many elements are taken into consideration to abide by energy performance such as the orientation of the building, thermal and phonic insulation, heat exchange
pumps, ventilation…

Renewable energies are increasingly in use; features which are not usually found
 in older buildings.

5. Home automation

The new programs can also operate from a central control point to manage all your electrical systems (heating, window blinds, lighting etc…).

6. You are the first owner to occupy your new home

You will be the first to enjoy your home. You will not need to undertake any renovation work, everything is new, clean and has been
chosen by you.